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Configure My Email Client with Medadmin Account Settings

This document outlines the technical details needed to configure a variety of email clients to work with the College of Medicine email system. Note that this is not for addresses, but for email through the College of Medicine. For the most part, your Medadmin email will be the same as your computer login credentials for windows computers at the College of Medicine.

Apple iOS/OS X (Apple Mail, iPhone, iPad)

1.     Add a new email account, and select ‘Exchange’ as the account type.

  • On iOS, go to ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ in the Settings app and select ‘Add Account’.
  • On OS X, Open ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple logo menu in the upper left corner and Select ‘Accounts’.

2.     Follow the device instruction, continuing to select ‘next’ or ‘continue’ after filling out each form. The information needed is below:

  • Email: email address
  • Server:
  • Domain: medadmin
  • Username: login name, not full email address
  • Password: password
  • Use SSL: ON


Android account setup will vary between phone manufacturer, OS version, and device type. The instructions below should work for any AOSP operating system, such as CyanogenMod, Amazon Fire OS, Joli OS, Sailfish OS, or others.

1.     Open the Settings app

2.     Find the ‘Accounts’ menu option

3.     Select the ‘Add Account’ button

4.     Select ‘Exchange’ (may be listed as Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Server, Exchange ActiveSync, etc.) the logo usually looks like the corners of a square. On older Android devices (Anything before Android 4.0) this may be listed as ‘Corporate Sync’.

5.     Enter the following information as prompted:

  • Email address: email address
  • Password
  • Select ‘Manual Setup’
  • Username: medadmin\username
  • Password
  • Email address: email address
  • Server:
  • Account name: anything, this is for your identification
  • Use secure connection: yes

6.     Accept the certificate, acknowledge the warning about deleting the email from server-side, and agree to allow the account to access necessary components of your phone.

Windows (Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows 10)

In Windows 8 or 10, open the mail app and Add an account, selecting ‘Exchange’. In Windows Phone, go to settings, ‘email+accounts’, ‘Add an Account’, then select ‘Exchange’. Enter the following information:

  • Email: your email address
  • Password: your password

The device should automatically take care of everything else. If more information is requested, use the following:

  • Server:
  • Domain: medadmin
  • Username: your username

Manual Setup

To manually set up your email, you will need the following information:

USERNAME = Medadmin user name, NOT full email address

PASSWORD = Medadmin password

            SMTP (Outgoing Server):

  • Server:
  • Port: 587
  • Authentication Method: NTLM
  • Connection Security: STARTTLS
  • Require Authentication/Require Sign-in: YES
Article last updated: 
May 18 2018