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Create an Apple ID

An Apple ID is required to complete the set-up of your iPad and to download apps from the iTunes Store. For Mac OS X devices, Apple ID is optional unless you want to download apps from the App Store.  If you already own an Apple device or iTunes account, you may already have an Apple ID.

1.     To create your Apple ID, or to manage one you already have, visit the Apple ID Website (link is external).

2.     Follow the instructions there to set up your Apple ID.


  • The first time you attempt to purchase a paid app, you will be asked to enter your credit card information.  
  • There are no re-occuring fees for having a Wi-Fi only iPad.  
  • The only charges to your credit card would be for apps (or music and movies) that you purchase.  
  • You must enter your Apple ID password before a purchase will be authorized.
Article last updated: 
Jul 19 2015