Service Desk

Have New Software Installed on My Computer

Software installation requires IT approval.  For no-cost software installation please call the IT Service Desk at (520) 626-8721 between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM Mon-Fri, and we will remotely assist you with software installation.


To purchase new software through the College of Medicine:

1. Download the Computing Request Form (CRF) and fill it out in Adobe Reader.  The most up to date version of this form will be available from:

2. Print the form.

3. Have an authorized signer on the relevant UA Account sign the form (physical signature required).

4. Scan the form.

5. Email the scanned, completed and signed form to Dan Craig at


Paid software installation will not begin until the CRF is received.  Once your new software arrives, it will be processed, inventoried and documented.  A list of available University licensed software is available here:


IT Service Desk staff will schedule time to complete the software installation. Please contact the College of Medicine IT Service Desk at (520) 626-8721 if you have any questions.

Article last updated: 
Dec 30 2015