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Manage NetID, UAHN and Medadmin Passwords

As a University of Arizona College of Medicine employee, there are several sets of accounts and credentials that you will be expected to use. They are not universal. The following guide will assist you in ascertaining which credentials are required for specific locations.

College of Medicine (Medadmin) accounts and passwords

Short for Medical Administration, the credentials that you establish with the College of Medicine are used when logging on to College of Medicine computers as well as checking department-specific email managed by the College of Medicine.

Your College of Medicine (Medadmin) email will be in this format:

You can access your College of Medicine email through the web by going to

(Keep in mind that the username to log in is not the full email address.  It is just the part before the @ symbol)

Medadmin passwords expire yearly, but can be changed manually at any time.  Please contact the Information Technology Service Desk at (520) 626-8721 for assistance.

Net I.D. accounts and passwords

Used for all official business in regards to your employment and main UA websites such as Catmail, VPN, UAWiFi, UAccess (employee benefits, registering for classes, etc.), and other "WebAuth"-authenticated services.

Your UA email will be in this format:

If you are staff or faculty you will use an email system called UAConnect 365.  If you are a student you will use an email system called Catmail, which is provided to the U of A via an agreement with Google Apps for Education.  These are separate email systems.

Staff or Faculty can access UAConnect email through the web by going to

Students can access Catmail email through the web by going to

Help with these accounts is available from central campus I.T. through the UITS 24/7 Support Center, online at, by phone at (520) 626-TECH (626-8324), or walk in at The Martin Luther King, Jr. Building located at 1322 E. 1st Street (at the corner of Mountain Ave. and 1st Street).  One must use a CatCard to enter the building between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Your Net I.D. password must be changed yearly.  You can manage your Net I.D. password by going to  The time frame for password changes depends on the strength of your current password.  i.e.  Weaker passwords must be changed more often.  Net I.D. passwords have many specific requirements, including

  • Must not be based on a previous password.
  • Must not be based on your name, NetID or a dictionary word.
  • Must be at least 10 characters in length.
  • Must have 3 types of special characters (special character types are:  capitalization, punctuation, spaces, numbers, special characters (+,*,&, etc.))

Longer passwords are supported and encouraged. All passwords are strength-checked prior to acceptance, to help you select a relatively "strong" password that cannot be easily guessed.

Banner University Medical Center (BUMC) accounts and passwords

These credentials are created by the Banner University Medical Center for hospital employees and employees who perform clinical duties.  These credentials provide access to many BUMC systems including Epic, Citrix, as well as Banner Intranet and VPN access. Some BUMC systems may require additional passwords.

Your BUMC email will be in this format:

You can access your BUMC email by going to

Help with this account is available at the BUMCTS Service Desk at (520) 694-HELP (694-4357).

Article last updated: 
Jul 11 2018