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Set up Catmail on my iPad

The first step in getting your email configured on your iPad is to determine your CatMail secondary password. This is a set of three words, usually seperated by exclamation points. You likely received an email with this secondary password.

  1. Sign in to CatMail
  2. Search your email for a message with a subject that includes secondary password.  If you find it, you are ready to configure your iPad.
  3. If you don't know your secondary email password, you need to reset it by visiting the CatMail password reset page before configuring your iPad.  A message will be sent to your inbox with your new secondary password.  If you have trouble resetting the password using the web page, you may call the UITS 24/7 Support Center at 626-8324 for assistance.
  4. Once you have your secondary email password, tap Settings.  On the left side of the settings menu, tap Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

  5. On the right side, tap Add Account.  Select Google.  Enter your email information.

    Name:  Your full name as you would like it to appear.
    Address:  Your full email address.  (
    Password:  Your secondary email password for this email address.
    Description:  This is merely how it will show in your list of emails.  By default, your domain name will be used,  but you could also use work, personal, home, or any other name for it.

  6. The account should authenticate and show check boxes for the services it can provide (i.e. contacts, calendars, emails, etc.)  Click the Save button to continue.

  7. The email should now show in the iPad's email program.

Article last updated: 
Jul 13 2018