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Use WiFi at the College of Medicine

There are several wireless network options available for use at the University of Arizona College of Medicine: 

  • UAWiFi: The secure wireless network available for University students, faculty and staff. Use your NetID username and password to log in when prompted.
  • UAGuest: This wireless network is unsecured and is for users who do not have a NetID or temporary UAWiFi login.  After joining this open network, a temporary account must be created using a form that will open in any web browser while connected to UAGuest.  After entering a first name. last name and a cell phone number, a text message with log in credentials will be sent to the phone.  This temporary account will last 5 days and must be re-created if it is still required after that time.  If you have difficulty creating the account or receiving the log in info via text message, call The UITS 24/7 Support Center for assistance at 626-8324
  • Eduroam: This wireless network is for faculty or staff of universities participating in eduroam.  Use your username or password from your university to log in. UA-affiliated users will enter their "" (without quotes) as a username and their NetID password as the password. 
  • UAHNStaff: This option is for faculty or staff from UAHN/Banner that have been granted access to the network. Use your Banner username and password.

View the UA online map of campus WiFi coverage.

Article last updated: 
Apr 11 2018