Med students launch University of Arizona Journal of Medicine

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bonded over their extensive undergraduate research experiences, two medical students at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson founded the College’s first research journal – The University of Arizona Journal of Medicine – to provide a platform to promote the intellectual curiosity and the scientific achievements of the College’s students.

Tania Hassanzadeh and Vicky Khoury, both members of the Class of 2018, sought out to create a place to showcase their work and the work of their peers.

“This is something tangible that we could show prospective students, and they can also benefit from it,” said Hassanzadeh.

After months of work, the Winter 2016 edition was published as a print journal available to medical students and faculty and throughout the College and Banner – University Medical Center.

The second issue, which will also be published online (restricted to COM-T students, faculty and staff), is now accepting submissions.

Hassanzadeh and Khoury lauded the commitment of the team that helped them get the inaugural issue off the ground and who are making the journal a sustainable resource for students in the College.

”If it wasn’t for our team, I don’t think we could have lifted this off the ground with the legal, technical, design work and funding aspects needed,” Khoury said.

The editorial board members are College of Medicine – Tucson medical students and faculty. The team recently expanded and includes four managing editors, three associate editors, an eDesigner and five faculty editors. Students members are: Joseph Frankl, Class of 2018; Blake Gibson, Class of 2017; Maryam Gilpatrick, Class of 2018; Weston LaGrandeur, Class of 2018; Theodore Lin, Class of 2019; Alex Liu, Class of 2018; Kyle McKeown, Class of 2017; and Rohini Patel, Class of 2018. Faculty and staff contributors include Dean Charles Cairns, MD, and Marlys Witte, MD; editorial board faculty editors  David Elliott, PhD; William Rappaport, MD, FACS; Paul St. John, PhD; Todd Vanderah, PhD; and Dale Woolridge, MD, PhD; and University of Arizona Health Sciences staff Roma Krebs and Dan Lee.

“Being able to bounce ideas off those who showed an interest and support for the journal was stimulating and helped form a strong creative and academic foundation for the journal,” Hassanzadeh said.

More information about the journal, as well as the Winter 2016 issue, can be found at For questions and submissions, please contact