MedPride’s Month of HIV/AIDS Awareness and Action Culminates with All Souls Procession

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

MedPride, the College of Medicine – Tucson’s gay/straight medical student alliance organization – hosted a series of events throughout October to recognize HIV/AIDS Awareness and Action.

To culminate the month of activities, first-year medical students will carry the AIDS Ribbon at Tucson’s All Souls Procession on November 6. This eight-year tradition is a memorial to those lost to HIV/AIDS, and carrying this ribbon is a way for medical students to show commitment to support the partnership between the medical community and those of the HIV/AIDS community. 

“Carrying the AIDS ribbon during the All Souls Procession was one of the most meaningful experiences I had as a first year Medical Student,” said MedPride Vice President Claire Lamneck. “It was an incredible opportunity to show support, and make a promise as a future provider, to those lost to a disease that continues to affect so many.”

MedPride promotes awareness of LGBTQ issues in healthcare through events and providing medical students with the resources they need to care for LGBTQ patients. For more information contact

Photo by Dr. Kevin Reilly

Photo by Dr. Kevin Reilly. Slideshow photo by Philippe Bierny.