Students teaching students: A possible answer to the decline in technical skills training in medical school

Friday, April 28, 2017


Student study finds trained medical students can teach peers technical skills at levels comparable to a senior instructor

UA COM-T second-year medical students Cody Smith, Raj Shah, Carlos Garcia and Chris Gay received the “Best Poster Research” award for the student section at the 2017 Regional Conference for the AAMC Western Group on Educational Affairs in Salt Lake City.

The poster, titled Students Teaching Students: A Possible Answer to the Decline in Technical Skills Training in Medical School presents the results of a pilot program, Students Teaching Students. In this program, Dr. William Adamas-Rappaport trained first-year medical students in technical procedures to teach other first-year students. The study compared teaching evaluations of a senior instructor with evaluations of the trained medical students, finding no statistically significant differences in evaluation scores between trained students and the senior instructor.

“The data from our pilot study … demonstrated that trained medical students can teach peers at a comparable level to a senior instructor, thus increasing the student to teacher ratio to a 2:1,” said Garcia. “We believe these results are very promising as students can potentially be a valuable asset to aid professors when it comes to teaching.”

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  • Students teaching students: a possible answer to the decline in technical skills training in medical school