College of Medicine – Tucson Recognizes Best Faculty Mentors

Monday, May 13, 2019

In the spirit of recognizing the importance of mentorship for the success of faculty, each year, the College of Medicine – Tucson honors those who dedicate their time as mentors. Named the Faculty Mentoring Awards, the awards are overseen and presented by the Dean’s Council on Faculty Affairs (DCFA).

“Mentorship is so crucial to the growth and success of faculty. Navigating the world of academic medicine is difficult – having someone to guide you, introduce you to people and opportunities, coach you through challenges … that is priceless,” says Alice Min, MD, assistant dean of Faculty Development. “The Faculty Mentoring Awards recognize these outstanding faculty who are dedicated and invested in the success of their colleagues.”

Faculty were asked to submit letters of nomination for their mentors indicating the types of mentoring that their mentor provided and how their mentor has contributed to their success. Twenty-two nominations were received this year. The letters underwent rigorous review by the DCFA and ultimately seven awardees were chosen.

This year’s seven recipients are:

Srikar R. Adhikari, MD, MS
Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
“Without a doubt, I would not be where I am if it were not for Dr. Srikar Adhikari’s guidance and mentorship.”

Anne E. (Betty) Atwater, PhD
Professor Emerita, Department of Physiology 
“Seeing in me a potential for leadership, long before I had an inkling for such goals, Betty continually provided paths for me to engage in the university inner workings.”

Emad Elquza, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
“While his mentorship has directly impacted my career, his ‘lead by example’ style has also impacted my professional development.”

Dorothy L. Gilbertson-Dahdal, MD
Professor, Department of Medical Imaging
“Dr. Gilbertson has opened many doors for me in the department as well as multiple regional and national societies.”

Wayne J. Morgan, MD
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
“He brought insights into how to approach research questions that prompted me to go beyond the obvious and into deeper understandings of the implications of research findings.”

Sairam Parthasarathy, MD
Professor, Department of Medicine
“Dr. Parthasarathy carved a time out of his busy schedule (he wears many hats) to provide the guidance that I needed.”

Taylor S. Riall, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Surgery
“In spite of her own rigorous schedule, she always makes time for new faculty and residents. She will drop what she is doing to come to our aid …”

This is the fifth year that the DCFA presents the Faculty Mentoring Awards. 2019 recipients were formally recognized with a plaque at the May General Faculty Meeting of the College of Medicine – Tucson. Click here to see a photo album of the event.