Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee Meeting: What You Need to Know

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee (DFAC) meets quarterly with Interim Dean Irving Kron, MD, to advise on matters that affect College of Medicine – Tucson faculty. The committee met for the first time this year on January 14. Here’s what was discussed during the meeting.

Dean’s Search Update

Forty-five applications were received for the deanship position at the College of Medicine – Tucson. The applications were narrowed down and resulted in 12 in-person interviews in December. Three candidates will be returning to Tucson this semester for a second round of interviews. University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS) leadership hopes to see a new dean in place by summer 2019. 

Indirect Cost (IDC) Recovery Update

David Elmer, MBA, deputy dean of finance and business affairs, is working with UAHS to release IDC funds back to the College of Medicine – Tucson in 2019. The dean’s goal is to have IDC funds returned back to departments and individual researchers to support their research projects. 

David Elmer is working with a small advisory committee to create a model on how to return IDC funds back to individuals. The model will be presented to Dr. Kron later this year. 

Bridge Funding Program

The College of Medicine – Tucson will launch a Bridge Funding Program to support researchers during temporary funding gaps. The college Research Council and DFAC will soon propose guidelines for the new program with the goal of launching the program by April 1, 2019.

Faculty Survey

DFAC has issued a brief survey to all faculty members regarding external grant funding, indirect costs and promotion. Survey results will help DFAC advise the dean on how to make improvements moving forward. 

DFAC is scheduled to meet with Dean Kron again on April 8, 2019.