Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee Meeting: What You Need to Know

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee (DFAC) meets quarterly with Interim Dean Irving Kron, MD, to advise on matters that affect College of Medicine – Tucson faculty. The committee met for the second time this year on April 16. Here’s what was discussed during the meeting.

Basic Sciences Curriculum Engagement

DFAC committee members raised the concern that first- and second-year medical students are not engaged with basic sciences courses. Attendance for these courses is currently optional for students — which may be sending the wrong message to students about the importance of basic science.

Possible solutions include reintegrating grades for basic science courses; limiting the number of class podcasts that are made available to students; and making class attendance mandatory.

Moving forward, basic science faculty will convene to identify specific issues and then schedule a meeting with the Office of Curricular Affairs and Deputy Dean for Education, Kevin Moynahan, MD.

Bridge Funding Program Follow-up

The College of Medicine – Tucson has made important steps toward launching a Bridge Funding Program, which will support researchers during temporary funding gaps. 

The proposal is to create three annual awards valued at $72,000 each. The award cost would be split between the College of Medicine – Tucson and the awarded researcher’s home department. 

The next step is to discuss the Bridge Funding proposal with department chairs to ensure that the program is feasible and sustainable. The launch date goal is July 1, 2019, with the first award(s) being issued in October. 

Indirect Cost (IDC) Recovery Follow-up

David Elmer, MBA, deputy dean of finance and business affairs, had been working with UAHS to release IDC funds back to the College of Medicine – Tucson in 2019. The goal was to have IDC funds returned back to departments and individual researchers to support their research projects. 

More discussion is needed on this proposal. In the coming weeks, David Elmer will begin a dialogue about this with department chairs and center directors.


DFAC is scheduled to meet with Dean Kron again on August 26, 2019.