Faculty Affairs Launches Professional Development Podcast

Monday, December 16, 2019

A new podcast spearheaded by the Dean’s Council on Faculty Affairs aims to support College of Medicine – Tucson faculty with advice on career development and wellbeing best practices. 

“The purpose of the podcast is to share ideas, experiences and knowledge fromfacultyforfaculty,” says Allie Min, MD, podcast host and assistant dean for faculty development. “Communicating with each other is so difficult; we are all so stretched thin in our time and commitments, so we wanted to find a way to share information that faculty can access when they have the time and space to hear it.”

The Faculty Learning EXchange podcast, or FLEXcast, is co-hosted by associate professor of family and community medicine Mari Ricker, MD; assistant professor of emergency medicine Amber Rice, MD; and Dr. Min. Each episode will also feature at least one guest.

The podcast’s first episode, “Creating a Personal Vision,” was launched this month and delves into how faculty can create and define their own personal vision and mission. Each host, as well as guest Conrad Clemens, MD, senior associate dean of graduate medical education, reflects on their own careers and values. They also review and discuss an article that can help faculty in academic medicine create their personal mission statement. 

"There are so many professional development resources out there – in the literature and most importantly in the stories and experiences of our colleagues,” Dr. Min says. “Hopefully, this will benefit individual faculty members as we all navigate our career paths and also foster a culture that values faculty development and wellbeing.”

Click here to listen to the first episode of FLEXcast.