Katherine E. Standefer, MFA, ACS

Clinical Lecturer

Katherine E. Standefer, MFA, ACS

Academic / Professional Bio: 

Katherine E. Standefer teaches in the Medical Humanities Department’s new Narrative Medicine pilot program, facilitating a required course for first-year medical students called “Responding to the Sexual Health Stories of Patients” and implementing a reflective writing curriculum. A Certified Sexologist with a background in public health, Standefer has provided sexuality education to more than 7,800 people. She is also an award-winning creative nonfiction writer whose work centers on the experience of the body as related to illness, consent, medical technology, and sexuality.

Research Interests: 

My work is the stories people tell about their bodies. Blending creative nonfiction writing and socionarratology, I help individuals engage their narratives of illness and sexuality on the page, and I work to incorporate narrative medicine into medical education. Narrative Medicine is the movement to honor the role of storytelling in the clinical encounter; we train practitioners to better receive, interpret, and respond to patient stories

BA: Colorado College, Sociology, 2007
BA: Colorado College, English-Fiction Writing, 2007
MFA: University of Arizona, Creative Nonfiction Writing, 2014
Honors and Awards: 
Iowa Review Award in Creative Nonfiction, The Iowa Review, 2015
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