Manojkumar Saranathan, PhD

Academic / Professional Bio: 

I am an MRI physicist with over twenty-five years of experience in MR physics, pulse sequence development, image reconstruction, and image processing. My current research interests are focused on ultra high-resolution imaging and segmentation of deep brain structures like thalamus and hippocampus and the specificity of their involvement in pathology such as alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, and essential tremor. Another area is high spatio-temporal resolution dynamic contrast enhanced MRI for quantification of physiologic function and cancer. 

I originally developed MRI techniques tailored to leverage the unique strengths of a 7T MRI scanner, specifically for imaging the thalamus, and have been translating it to 3T MRI. Prior to moving to the University of Arizona, my work at Stanford and SRI International involved the development of novel techniques for dynamic contrast enhanced imaging, ultra-high field (7T) imaging, pediatric imaging and imaging deep brain structures.

I was recently named a Research Affiliate for the Arizona Center of Aging at the University of Arizona.



PhD: University of Washington, Bioengineering, Seattle - 2001
MS: University of Washington, Bioengineering, Seattle - 1996
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