AHSC Research Administration

For assistance with any of the following, College of Medicine – Tucson investigators should contact the AHSC Research Administration Office:

  • Pre-award and proposal development
  • Clinical trials
  • Post-award support

COM – Tucson Research Committees and Subcommittees

Dean's Research Council
The Dean's Research Council is a standing committee which advises the Dean of the College of Medicine on matters pertaining to research programs for the College of Medicine – Tucson.

Space Committee
The Dean's Research Council Space Committee assists the Dean and the Deputy Dean for Research in allocating space equitably, resolving space conflicts within Departments and Centers, and making long range plans to improve and expand facilities to better meet faculty and staff needs at the College of Medicine – Tucson.

Research Administration

Research Specialist
Room number: 1925
(520) 626-8000

Deputy Dean, Research Affairs
Room number: 3963C
(520) 626-7553

Special Assistant to the Deputy Dean
Room number: 2225
(520) 626-1530

Research Specialist
Room number: 1925
(520) 626-2483

Research Specialist
Room number: 2225
(520) 621-5543