AHSC Research Administration

For assistance with any of the following, College of Medicine – Tucson investigators should contact the AHSC Research Administration Office:

  • Pre-award and proposal development
  • Clinical trials
  • Post-award support

COM – Tucson Research Committees

Dean's Research Council
The Dean's Research Council is a standing committee which advises the Dean of the College of Medicine on matters pertaining to research programs for the College of Medicine – Tucson.


Research Administration

Research Specialist
Room number: 1925
(520) 626-8000

Deputy Dean, Research Affairs
Room number: 3963C
(520) 626-7553

Special Assistant to the Deputy Dean
Room number: 2225
(520) 626-1530

Research Specialist
Room number: 1925
(520) 626-2483

Research Specialist
Room number: 2225
(520) 621-5543