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Away Rotations

What should my first step be when applying for an Away Rotation?

Students need to download or pick up a Student Elective Selection (891a) Form and bring it to the Student Records Office in room 2112. This form is used to enroll the student in OASIS/UAccess and provides important information, such as a Site Contact and Preceptor. This is so the evaluation can be sent to the correct people and a grade is entered at the end of the rotation. This must be completed 6 weeks prior to your departure.

Am I allowed to do a rotation at an institution that does not use VSAS?

The process for a non-VSAS institution is similar. The student will still need to fill out a Student Elective Selection (891a) Form  and list any other documents that may be required at the institution they are interested in. This must be completed 6-8 weeks prior to your departure.

So can I do an away rotation anywhere?

An away rotation can be completed at any institution, so long as there is an Affiliation Agreement with the University of Arizona. Click here for a list of over 150 institutions with whom the University of Arizona has an affiliation agreement. When planning an away rotation, this list will help students decide where they would like to go. Most students choose institutions they hope to have residencies at, or with strong programs in their specialty of interest. If a student wants to do an away rotation somewhere that is not on this list, contact Student Records no less than 60 days prior to the rotation in order for the University of Arizona Contracts Office to try to negotiate a contract.

What is a VSAS authorization and where does it come from?

The Student Records office will provide these through VSAS. Students will receive an email with login instructions.

What are the away rotation requirements for every institution?

Every institution is different. Visit the VSAS website and review the specific requirements of each institution. Some institutions will even list the exact date when their VSAS rotations application opens online. Students should apply as soon as they know where they would like to go for their away rotations. Many institutions give priority to those who apply first.

Does Student Records know when I have an application ready to verify?

The Student Records Office will be checking the VSAS system weekly to check for any pending verifications, and will also receive a notification when a student has an application that needs to be verified and/or released.

How do I upload the required documentation for each institution?

Students only need to upload their required documents once in VSAS. Unless the institutions require more than the standard documents, the students only have to assign the appropriate documents to the different host institutions to which they are applying to.

Do I need a criminal background check when I apply for my away rotations?

Depending on the institution, a criminal background check will most likely be required. The Fingerprint Clearance Card the student receives at the University of Arizona is uploaded to VSAS to be used as a sort of check. However, institutions vary on what is acceptable, and may require further action on your part. You may be responsible for providing a personal background check. Once results are received, they must be uploaded to VSAS.

The institution I’m applying to is asking about malpractice insurance, good academic standing, etc. How do I provide proof of those things?

The Student Records Office will be happy to create and upload a personalized letter, upon request, to address these concerns.

What immunization form should I use?

Institutions will either have their own immunization form for you to complete or they will use the AAMC Standardized Immunization Form. Make sure you read the information about the institution and know what they require.

When will I know the status of my applications?

There is a dashboard in VSAS where you will be able to check on the status. Offers will come directly to the student and should be accepted, or denied, within 5 days.

Last modified date: December 9, 2016 - 12:03pm