Student Affairs

Career Advisors

Mentorship relationships are very important in helping medical students to identify and pursue a field of interest. As a student at the College of Medicine – Tucson, you have frequent opportunities to meet with advisors and career counselors, all of whom have distinct and valuable perspectives on careers in medicine. These advisors help you make informed decisions and plan for a rewarding career.

Assistant Dean for Career Development
The Assistant Dean for Medical Student Career Development can meet one-on-one to discuss your career goals and the medical specialties you are considering. 

Societies House Deans
In addition to the assistant dean for career development, there are four Societies House Deans dedicated to career advising and counseling services in the Office of Student Affairs.

Societies Mentors
Your Society Mentor—assigned on your first day of medical school—is an important career advisor. During individual meetings, your Societies Mentor may discuss results from your career self-assessments, provide career guidance, and check in on your progress in selecting a medical specialty.

Specialty Advisors
Specialty Advisors work in specific medical specialties, and provide guidance to students interested in that field. You will choose your Specialty Advisor prior to Year 3. Specialty Advisors can give advice on individual programs in their field; review/edit your CV, personal statement, and other residency application materials; and provide letters of recommendation. They are familiar with the application process within their specialty. Click here for a link to current specialty advisors: This information is currently being revised.