Student Affairs

Student Clubs

Meditation and Mindfulness Club

MMIG exists to encourage an open, non-judgemental forum for discussing the various benefits and sharing techniques associated with mindfulness.

*Club is inactive for the 2019-2020 school year.


MedPride (Gay/Straight Medical Student Alliance)

This club promotes service to and awareness of LGBTQ issues in healthcare through participation in national and community events and provides medical students with the resources they need to care for LGBTQ patients. MedPride is also a forum for the discussion of issues relating to LGBTQ patients, medical students, residents, physicians, and their allies.

Faculty Advisor: Patricia Lebensohn,

Co-directors: Ahmed Al-Shamari,, Lawrence Sun,



Muslim Medical Student Association (MMSA)

MMSA’s purpose is to establish an inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff to engage with each other religiously and socially. (

President: Sohab Arif,

Vice president: Madina Jahed,

Secretary: Tesneem Tamimi,

Treasurer: Omar Rizvi,


Neurosurgery Club

Our goal is to create a platform where medical students from our school can interact with neurosurgeons and residents from all over the world.

**This club is inactive for the 2020-2021 academic year


OB/GYN Interest Group

Our goal is to expose medical students to the field of OB/GYN and its subspecialties in order to promote interest and prepare students for clinical rotations later on in the medical school career. we work closely with the Banner department of OB/GYN

to network with faculty, clinicians, and researchers, and plan events that will facilitate discussions and familiarize students with the programs they offer.

Faculty Mentor: Heather Reed, MD

President:  Shauna Bratton,
Vice President:  Lauren Murphy,
Medical Education Coordinator:  Priscilla Cortez,



Ophthalmology Interest Group

The purpose of the Ophthalmology Interest Group at The University of Arizona is to increase student exposure to the field of ophthalmology and the science of vision by providing students with opportunities for education, mentorship, and outreach within the field of Ophthalmology. The interest group is a great opportunity to learn about a specialty that students have minimal exposure to and may not have initially considered as a career choice. It is an opportunity to interact not only with students but also with key faculty and the community.
**Club is inactive for 2020-2021 school year**

Orthopedic Surgery Club


This organization is focused on Orthopedic Surgery and provides students with opportunities to learn more about Orthopedic Surgery and their subspecialties through interaction, observation, and shadowing of physicians, residents, and students.

**Club is inactive for 2020-2021 school year**


Pathology Interest Group

The goal of this interest group is to foster interest in the field of pathology, inform students about pathology in practice, and engage with faculty and residents in the field. 
*Club is inactive for the 2019-2020 school year.



Pediatrics Interest Group


This club provides a forum to discuss current issues in pediatric medicine and the opportunity to interact with and shadow practicing pediatricians.

Club Adviser: Dr. Hilary Franke,

President: Anjali Revanur,
Vice President: Savannah Sutherlin,
Treasurer: Hunter Culbert,


Psychiatry and Mental Health Interest Group

The goal of the Psychiatry & Mental Health Interest Group is to create a space for medical students to decompress from their daily stressors and allow students interested in Psychiatry to learn more about this amazing specialty.

Co-President: Kiera Blawn,
Co-President: Ellen Sivertson,
Events Chair: Anjali Revanur,

Faculty Advisor: Barry Morenz, MD,