Student Affairs

Annual Events


Convocation at The University of Arizona College of Medicine is a time of celebration for our students, their families and friends, and our faculty and staff. Convocation is a time-honored tradition that celebrates each student and serves as a commemoration of your life at the College of Medicine. Convocation takes place each year in May during the week of commencement.

White Coat Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony calls on students to incorporate the humanistic ideals of medicine in their future care of patients. Each year, approximately 120 outstanding scholars have the honor of joining one of the most prestigious and leading medical institutions in the country when they are formally welcomed as the University of Arizona’s newest class of medical students at the annual White Coat Ceremony. These students will become a part of the legacy of thousands of alumni whose contributions to medical science have resulted in advances that have expanded the boundaries of knowledge, alleviated untold suffering, and saved the lives of countless individuals.


Members of the graduating class will receive traditional Match Day letters which will indicate where they will complete their residency training. Match Day ceremonies are coordinated nationally to occur on the same date and time throughout the country. The celebration is filled with student-run festivities.

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