Student Affairs


Some students arrive at the College of Medicine – Tucson with a sub-specialty in mind. For others, choosing a career path is a longer process. Either way, our advisors, program and resources will help you to pursue your career goals.


Year 1


  • Attend the session, Introduction to the Career Advising Program and Careers in Medicine during New Student Orientation
  • Seek out a specialty advisor or Society Mentor other than your assigned mentor for career advising purposes only
  • Complete Medical Specialty Preference Inventory, Revised Edition (MSPI-R) on the AAMC Careers in Medicine site (AAMC login required)


Years 1-2

All year


  • Attend Careers in Medicine Discussion Panel: Primary Care focus


  • Attend Careers in Medicine Discussion Panel: Subspecialty Care focus

Find Your Fit

Year 2


  • Complete the PVIPS to help you define your career-related values and decide how those can apply to the way you shape you practice in medicine


  • Meet with your Societies mentor in January to discuss the PVIPS results
  • Attend Conversation with the Deans (large group discussion) to learn about planning Year 3 with an emphasis on career planning
  • Students meet with their Societies mentor to review their portfolios and discuss summer opportunities such as shadowing and research experiences to support them in their career exploration.

Years 2-3


  • Keep gathering information about specialties of interest (AAMC login required)
  • Narrow down your specialty interests to 3-4 top choices
  • Review AAMC reports on residency matches to assess qualifications and competitiveness for different specialties
  • Conduct informational interviews (CiM > Shape Your Career > Professional Development > Networking > Informational Interviews) and/or participate in preceptorships (AAMC login required)
  • Contact professional associations and specialty organizations (AAMC login required)
  • Ask physicians working in specialties that interest you if you can shadow them to learn more
  • Continue expanding your CV (Tip: keep your CV information current)


Year 3


  • Begin reviewing and comparing residency programs


  • Designate your specialty advisor between December and June to maximize their assistance in the residency application process (you can do this beforehand). See sample questions to ask specialists.
  • Complete Qualtrics survey sent from the Office of Student Affairs prior to scheduling MSPE meeting #1
  • Schedule MSPE meeting #1 with your House Dean
  • Continue expanding your CV

Late May


Year 4


  • Continue preparing residency applications (CV, letters of recommendation, personal statements, etc.)
  • Complete applications and decide which residency programs you will apply to
  • Participate in mock interviews.


  • Start applying to ACGME-accredited residency programs.







  • National Resident Matching Program (NRMP®) Main Residency Match results are released
  • Match Day - third Thursday in March
  • Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP®) starts.
  • Finalize your CV (see CV samples)


  • ERAS Season Ends: MyERAS closes at 5 PM ET