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MS4 Scheduling

MS4 - Course Requirements

There are a total of 35 weeks required in Year 4. Fourth Year course requirements can be found in the Curriculum & Enrollment Policies (see Section 2 C. Year 4 Curriculum and Scheduling Requirements for more details).

In summary, the requirements include:

4 weeks Core Subinternship (sub-I)
4 weeks Selective in Emergency Medicine or Critical Care
3 weeks Surgical Subspecialty (unless completed in Year 3)
24 units* Elective or Selective (Only 8 credits of independent study may apply toward graduation requirements)

Away Rotations (limit on Away Electives is 16 units - This does not include Phoenix)
Local electives
Phoenix rotations

*This total increases to 27 if you completed Surgery Sub-Specialty in the Year 3.

MS4 - Course Scheduling

You can find currently available electives in OASIS.

Students have approximately 42 total weeks in Year 4 to complete requirements. The remainder weeks are of discretionary time. Students must adhere to the 28 day notice add/drop policy for scheduling changes in Year 4; thus, planning your schedule carefully will ensure that you both meet the graduation requirements and stay on track in your career path.​