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  • The science of virus emergence and infection underlies pandemic control.

  • Everyone has a role to play in ending the pandemic.

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  • Vaccines stop pandemics.

NEXT-GEN Translational Medicine: Tools for Success

Friday, May 21 8am–Noon

Saturday, May 22 9am–Noon

The application of basic science research results to the development of new understandings of disease mechanisms, diagnoses, and therapeutics is known as Translational Medicine (TM).  More broadly, TM is the movement of ideas from the basic science laboratory to the clinical arena. TM uses multidisciplinary, highly collaborative, ‘bench-to-bedside' approaches that ultimately benefit patients and the community at large. Over the past several years, as the importance of this type of research has been increasingly recognized, the number of investigators involved in TM is growing, and their work is vital to the future of medicine.

To help develop and grow TM capacity, The University of Arizona, with support from the Arizona Biomedical Research Centre (ABRC), is presenting this VIRTUAL WORKSHOP, bringing together Academic, Industry, IP Law, Marketing, and Regulatory experts to demystify translational research and help Basic and Clinical Scientists view their collaborations through the lens of Entrepreneurship.

Attendees will Learn HOW to:

  • Channel your creative mindset and think like an entrepreneur
  • Turn an idea into a fundable project
  • Market your team and your idea
  • Identify stakeholders and potential investors
  • Balance career advancement with innovation and invention
  • Navigate IP and confidentiality issues
  • And more!

Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Meredith Hay, PhD, Professor of Physiology
    The University of Arizona
    Founder and Board Chair
  • Sunil Sharma, MD, Physician-in-Chief
    Translational Genomics Institute (TGen)
  • Josh LaBaer, MD, PhD, Executive Director
    Biodesign Institute at ASU
  • Quan Nguyen, MS, JD, Patent Attorney,
    Nguyen Tarbet, LLC
  • Suliman Al-Fayoumi,  PhD, MBA,
    Sr Consultant-Clinical Pharmacology

  • Ada Nielsen, MBA, Managing Director
    The PeregrineMavine Group
  • Julie Ledford, PhD, Associate Professor of 
    Clinical Translational Sciences

    The University of Arizona
  • Lisa Gallegos, PhD, Senior Scientist
    Roche Tissue Diagnostics