Comprehensive Cardiovascular Institute

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Institute 

With an unwavering commitment to transformation, we will create a future where prevention is prioritized, health is optimized, lives are saved, and the well-being of individuals and communities is elevated to unprecedented heights.

Wouldn’t it be WONDERful? 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if cardiovascular disease were not the leading cause of death? If heart attacks were prevented before they could happen? If everyone were armed with the knowledge that allowed them to take control of their health and make life-altering decisions? 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the University of Arizona were home to the first comprehensive cardiovascular institute in the state, and it became one of the premier destinations for cardiovascular care in the Western U.S.? 

It’s all possible

students standing in front of Sarver Heart Center

At the University of Arizona, we’re used to dreaming big, and we have a track record of discovery, innovation and achieving audacious goals.

We dream big, then we deliver.

We’re not only asking you to dream with us, but to help make our vision a reality. We are building a world full of wonder. But we can’t do it alone.

For decades, the Sarver Heart Center at the College of Medicine – Tucson has been the epicenter of collaboration on cardiac research, education and patient care. We envision it serving as the launchpad  for a comprehensive cardiovascular institute, which would venture beyond the physiology of the heart to explore the constellation of complex, interdependent systems that affect not only health of the heart, but the health of the entire cardiovascular system. 

When the evolution from a heart center to a comprehensive cardiovascular institute is achieved, it will serve as a beacon of excellence, where innovation is accelerated by collaboration in research, education and patient care.

Two medical researchers reviewing results

Elements of Transformation

  • Cutting-Edge Research
  • Education and Knowledge Sharing
  • Excellence in Patient-Centered Care
  • Community Outreach and Prevention
  • Collaboration and Partnerships

How You Can Help Fuel WONDER

We’re committed to investing in a future where heart disease is prevented, heart attacks and strokes are avoided, and the best cardiovascular therapies and interventions are available to all. 

We hope you will join us in this commitment.

For more information about making this vision a reality, please contact
Taylor Terca
Deputy Senior Director of Development

Fuel Wonder