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Valley Fever Center

Valley Fever Center for Excellence

With an unwavering commitment to eradicating Valley fever, we will create a future where prevention is prioritized, treatment is quick and effective, and ultimately, lives are saved.

Wouldn’t it be WONDERful? 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Valley fever no longer posed a threat to people and their pets? If the microscopic spores that cause the disease could be detected in the environment, alerting people of localized risk? If all physicians were aware of the disease and knew who to test, when, and how to administer the most effective treatments?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the University of Arizona were home to the researchers who discovered and developed the world’s first vaccine against fungal infection? 

It’s all possible

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At the University of Arizona, we’re used to dreaming big, and we have a track record of discovery, innovation and achieving audacious goals.

We dream big, then we deliver.

We’re asking you not only to dream with us, but to help make our vision a reality. We are building a world full of wonder. But we can’t do it alone.


The Valley Fever Center for Excellence at the College of Medicine – Tucson for decades has been making headway against a disease that is now endemic in many western states and spreading to others. From development of novel antifungal drugs and a vaccine that prevents Valley fever infection to providing exceptional care to patients, we have been at the forefront of investigating and fighting this insidious disease. We envision the Center serving as the launchpad for a new generation of collaborative research aimed at preventing Valley fever and eradicating it in humans and their pets. 

When our vision is achieved, the Center will serve as a beacon of excellence, where innovation is accelerated by collaboration in research, education and patient care.


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Elements of Transformation

  1. Cutting-Edge Research
  2. Education and Knowledge Sharing
  3. Excellence in Patient-Centered Care
  4. Community Outreach and Prevention
  5. Collaboration and Partnerships

How You Can Help Fuel WONDER

We’re committed to investing in a future where Valley fever is prevented, cases are detected early and treated effectively, and serious illness and unnecessary deaths of people and pets are prevented. We have made tremendous strides, but bold and challenging steps remain. 

We hope you will join us in this commitment.

For more information about making this vision a reality, please contact

Lisa Fahey

Director of Development


Fuel Wonder