Office of Graduate Medical Education

Residents as Educators

Residents and fellows are important in the development and education of medical students and their participation at all of our partner institutions is valued deeply. Resources listed below are meant to enhance the "residents as teachers" program throughout our community.


All sites where students rotate and may be supervised by residents and/or fellows must provide training on how to locate the UA College of Medicine – Tucson Educational Program Objectives and specific clerkship learning objectives, required clinical encounters and the assessment methods. These can be found in the syllabus for each clerkship. 

Medicine Clerkship Syllabus

Surgery Clerkship Syllabus

Family Medicine Clerkship Syllabus

Neurology Clerkship Syllabus

OBGYN Clerkship Syllabus

Pediatric Clerkship Syllabus

Psychiatry Clerkship Syllabus

In addtion, as part of an LCME requirement all Residents and Fellows must be aware of all policies that pertain to medical students when they are working in the clinical setting.  There are a total of 9 policies related to teaching, assessing, and managing students in the MD program, detailed in the packet below:

MD Student Policies

Development of Resident Teaching Skills

Residents benefit from additional instruction on how to best teach students. This is addressed at the College of Medicine – Tucson in several different ways:

  • In-person sessions sponsored by the College of Medicine – Tucson onsite or elsewhere at other teaching sites.
  • Sessions that exist as part of their residency program curriculum. Residency programs submit this information annually, so that the college can assure that all residents are receiving training.
  • College of Medicine – Tucson sponsored web-based training: 
    1. RAE Series 
    2. Workplace Based Assessment