BS in Medicine

On behalf of our leadership team, faculty, and staff, welcome to the BS Medicine undergraduate degree program.

The BS in Medicine degree program will prepare you for success, whether you pursue a career in clinical care, biomedical research, the newest medical technologies, or other healthcare-related areas.

The four-year program is designed and delivered as a collaboration between medical care professionals, basic scientists, and humanists, focusing on clinical reasoning and case-based learning.  Nearly half of our classes are taught by practicing physicians and medical scientists.

The program covers unique topics, including clinical case analysis, hands-on learning through simulation, and traditional interactive lectures that explore a variety of topics, including what it is to be a healthcare professional; medical ethics; professionalism; health/medical care delivery to improve quality care; advanced anatomical, biochemical, neurological, and physiological science; pathology of disease; mechanisms of treatment; and integrative therapies.


Paul Gordon, MD, MPH

Co-Director, Bachelor of Science in Medicine,

Professor, Family, and Community Medicine

Todd Vanderah, PhD

Co-Director, MD/Ph.D. Dual Degree Program,

Department Head, Pharmacology

Alonso Minjarez

Assistant Director, Academic Advising


Shaun Cahill

Academic Advisor, Senior

Brandon Phillips

Program Coordinator, Senior



The BS-Medicine major contains various components:

Foundation & General Ed Courses  – 32-40 units​
Supporting Science  – 39 units​
Core Courses  – 33-36 units​
Emphases  – 18 units​

You will choose one of the following emphases to complete your requirements for the BS-Medicine.​


Completion of the BS in Medicine prepares students who wish to pursue specific healthcare careers or who may wish to continue their education by pursuing graduate programs such as medical school*, physician assistant school, physical therapy doctoral programs, dental school, postgraduate clinical research programs, or other specialized professional programs in health care or health sciences.





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While the BS in Medicine is excellent preparation for a career in health care or graduate education, it does not allow one to practice medicine, nor does it guarantee admission into medical school.​

For more information about the BS in Medicine, please email​

Students interested in attending medical school or other postgraduate education or pursuing certain health care careers should become familiar with the specific requirements for admissions testing, school or program admissions, or employment.  For example, students pursuing the BS in Medicine may need to  electively take Organic Chemistry II, a class listed as an option for each Emphasis group in the BS in Medicine curriculum, which is a subject tested on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and which is a prerequisite for admission to some medical schools. Talk to your academic or career advisor for more information. 



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