Fahad Alobaidi, MBChB


Fahad Alobaidi, MBChB

Academic / Professional Bio: 

Fahad Alobaidi, MBChB, was raised in Iraq and received his medical degree from the University of Baghdad. In the two years after his graduation and during his journey for advanced medical training, he moved between Dubai, UAE, Amman, Jordan, and London before coming to the United States. Here, he settled in Houston for a while, then became a research assistant at Wayne State University, in Detroit. Afterward, he joined a research team at St. Louis University, in Missouri, where he continued his passion in clinical research. Dr. Alobaidi completed his Internal Medicine Residency training at the University of Arizona Department of Medicine. In 2016, he joined the UA Division of Nephrology as a Nephrology Fellow. “My fascination with Nephrology was fueled by its ability to unravel the mysteries behind the complex functioning of the human kidneys and the way that theoretical science of nephrology translates into the art of clinical practice,” he said.  “Nephrology seems to me to be an exemplar model of a marriage. It is a union of investigations, applied pathology and physiology, which enables nephrologists to provide steadfast high-tech treatment solutions for those seeking improved quality of life or a lifeline due to the restrictions of kidney disease.”

Research Interests: 

Dr. Alobaidi’s primary research interest is in Interventional Nephrology and Hemodialysis. In his free time in the calm city of Tucson, he enjoys swimming, grilling and spending time with his family; he also likes traveling and road trips.

MBChB: University of Baghdad College of Medicine, 2007
Internal Medicine: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson (University Campus), 2013-2016
Nephrology: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson, 2018