The University of Arizona Health Sciences


MD Program

The University of Arizona College of Medicine was founded in 1967 to educate physicians. Our four-year MD degree remains our flagship educational program.

Academic Departments

Our basic science departments and clinical departments.

Active Learning Methods

The ArizonaMed curriculum incorporates several advanced models for adult education, including interactive lectures, case-based instruction and team learning.

Blocks & Clerkships

Blocks integrate material from multiple basic sciences like anatomy and pathology into broader perspectives.

Distinction Tracks

Pursue interests in global health, integrative medicine or research. Encounter special clinical, academic and research opportunities.

Educational Program Objectives

Physicians who graduate from the College of Medicine – Tucson must have command of these foundational skills and abilities.


Choose electives that match your interests and educational track during all four years of medical school.

Societies Mentorship

Mentors in these student learning communities are some of our most distinguished clinician-educators.


Curricular "threads" are woven through multiple blocks throughout the ArizonaMed curriculum.

Residencies, Fellowships and Graduate Programs

Graduate Medical Education (Residencies and Fellowships)

The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson currently sponsors accredited residency programs and fellowships in all major specialties and subspecialties. More than 50 programs are offered through our two Banner – University Medical Group (BUMG) locations, and our 14 major institutional partners. Our residents and fellows enjoy outstanding educational opportunities in a supportive environment. Our programs are nationally recognized for their award-winning faculty and innovative clinical, teaching and research components.

MS and PhD Graduate Programs

At any time, more than 150 students are enrolled in exceptional graduate degree granting programs at the College of Medicine – Tucson.

Dual-Degree MD Programs

Dual-degree programs combining an MD from the College of Medicine – Tucson with an MBA, MPH or PhD are available.